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Katara Hotel - Qatar

World-class landmark hotel,super high-rise,super high-strength steel fiber reinforced concrete,the construction is extremely difficult.However,14 sets of one-st···...

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How about the product quality of truemax manufacturers

The company implements the strategy of"ingenuity and quality,serving the world",and has established a 6s management system.Quality control is strictly···...

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Causes of Accidents of Concrete Boom Pump Trucks

During the operation of the concrete boom pump truck,the following reasons are prone to problems and cause traffic accidents.1.Roll overWhen the boom pump truck···...

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How to operate a concrete pump truck

Concrete pump trucks are already a commonly used concrete pouring equipment in the construction market.The advanced technology of the equipment and the complexi···...

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how to install the Formwork Concrete Placing Boom

The Formwork Concrete Placing Boom is an intelligent placing machine that cooperates with the formwork climbing.It can be synchronized with the formwork climbin···...

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